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Best Android Emulator for PC (Windows 7/8 and Mac) Free Download

Almost all of are using an Android phone. But do you guys know you can install Android emulator in your PC also whether it’s a Windows device or a MAC device. Yes, its possible to download best Android Emulator for PC available for Windows 7,8 as well as Mac OS X. It provides you all those facilities which you get in your phone. It allows you to search, download and install various games and applications.  Downloading and installing it will give a new face to your device.
Here arise a question that which is the best Android Emulator for your device? So, here I am with the list of it which is really best for your device i.e Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as Mac.

List of Best Android Emulator for MAC device:

Below I have given a really short review for Top Android Emulator for Mac OS X Computer system. Please have a look.
1). Virtual Box is the most famous Emulator for Android Apps available in the market for MAC device. The feature like simple UI, search, download and installation makes it more useful. And the amazing fact is that it’s totally free of cost.
Note : You need to Install the new OS in Virtual Machine, well this is indeed a long tutorial which you will surely find in internet.
2). Next comes the name of Bluestacks. This is another popular name in the world of Android Emulator. Like Virtual Box it is also very easy to use. You just have to install it properly and after that everything will be under your control. You can download Bluestacks for PC from here.
The Windows users might be thinking that where is the list for them? So, here is the list for you guys also.
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Top Android Emulators for PC (Windows 7/8)

Well, below I have given out one really nice list of reviewed software which you will surely love.
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1) Bluestacks for Windows OS

Bluestacks is the first most name for the Best Android Emulator for Windows device. Yes, I have mentioned the name of it before for the Mac device which is also available in the market for Windows device.

2) Jar of Beans

Then here comes the second name, Jar of Beans. It is quite easy to install and use. Most of Top Android Emulators doesn’t allow you to play Jelly Bean games. It is specially designed to support Jelly Bean games.

3) Youwave

Here is the third most popular name of Android Emulator for Windows device, YouWave. It helps you out to search different kinds of applications and games easily. It is one of the well-known Emulators. Note : YouWave is premium software available for Windows 7/8 as well as Mac but its quality is just immense.
So, these were the list of best Android Emulator for PC or Windows device and MAC device respectively.
Hopefully, I have succeeded in providing you exact and correct information about these Android Emulator. Now, you will be able to choose the best Emulator for your device. So, why are you guys waiting for? Just move on and download an really nice Android Apps Emulator for your PC and enjoy the features of Smartphone on your PC itself. Those who love using different applications and playing different games will definitely going to love these software.  Don’t wait so long for taking advantage of these really Amazing and top Best Android Emulator for PC i.e Windows and Mac. You can download these from the link provided in the post.

Top 11 Best Music Player For Android Phones & Tablets

Music is must and here I’m with top 11 best Music Player for Android Phones & tablets.
Music reaches the inner soul and its one of the best source to remove any kind of stress or tension. In the era of smartphones, the quality of audio have been improving day by day and now you can enjoy listening to high quality audio songs on your smartphone only.

The two giant competitors in the smartphone era are the iPhones and the Android smartphones. The user base of Android is huge and that’s why I’m sharing the stuff on best Music Player for Android here.
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Top 11 Best Music Player for Android

Here I start with the list, you can try any of them on your Android phone & tablet.
MX Player
It’s the best music and video player available for Android phones & tablets. The feature list is great and it supports almost every format available. If the basic player doesn’t support a particular format or feature then you can download its codec (supporting) app and then playing that format will not be panic any more.
You can see subtitles while watching movies, you can even move location of subtitles, you can zoom at anywhere between the video. If you’re looking for some video player to watch movies then no other app can beat its performance.
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Android Music Player
The simple alternative to the default music player app is this one. It doesn’t have too many features to deal but whatever it got are all good and much needed in a music player.
You can get it for free on your Android phones & tablets running any version. It even supports Android 1.6 as it’s based on Android Open Source Project.
Rocket Music Player
If you don’t care about the size of the app then Rocket Music Player is the perfect one for your Android Phones & Tablets. It comes with beautiful UI, equalizer, genre based search, star ratings, customizable playlists, lyrics supports, etc.

The list of features is long that means you won’t find any feature missing. It can even play video files for you.
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Winamp has been known as the best music player since many years and it’s available on the GooglePlay store as well. The UI is simple and color combination gives dark feel.
The app is available for free with all basic music player features but if you want to use pro features then you need to purchase individual features from the inbuilt store.

Few more Music Players for Android Phones & Tablets


I personally use MX Player for watching video files and for music I’m a big fan of Rocket Music Player app. You can use any other app among the above listed best music player for Android phones & tablets but do let us know your selection in the comment below.

Top 5 Best Android Phones Below 10000 Rs

Hello guys, Today I’m going to show you list of best android phones below Rs 10000 in India, today in market there are so many phones are available and it is very difficult task to select best one.
There is no doubt that Android become a trend for every smartphones.The mobiles based on Android are easily available in market now with good price.we can say that this generation is the generation of Smartphones,everyone is no capable to buy expensive android devices but this list help you to take decision and here is the key specification and features of Android Phones Below Rs 10000. So  just take a look below:

5 Best Android Mobile Under Rs 10000

1.)  Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 

The Samsung Galaxy  Y smartphone runs on Android 2.3.It support 832 MHz android browser.It has large TFT screen with resolution  of 320 x 240 pixel.It has primary camera of 2MP  and support 2x zooming capability.
It has 1200 Mah battery which gives you a talktime of 5 hours  and it support 2G network and this one is  the best Android below 10k.It has internal memeory of  160 MB and expanded up to 32  GB.Its price is India is 7000/- only.
2.) HTC Explorer With Android 

This runs on Android Gingerbread 2.3 operating system and it supports 3.15 MP rear camera .Its processor is powered by 600 MHz  and it supports 512 MB RAM and 90MB storage ,external memory expandable up to 32 GB.
Its weight is 108 g  and its price is 8400/- Rs only.It also support 3G and wi-fi networks.It comes with touch panel with dimension 102.8×57.2×12.9 mm.
3.) Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330 With Android

It runs on Android 4.0 ice cream  sandwich  and support 2MP rear camera, memory storage  2GB and  external memory  expandable up to 32 GB .It support  850 MHz processor .It comes with Qwerty keypad and processor support multitasking and  also provide great response time.
It support 3 inches TFT screen comes with resolution of 320 x 240 pixel.Its price in India is 8490/- only.
4.) Samsung Galaxy Ace

This smartphone is the best selling  smartphone in the market.It has 3.5 inches of  screen ,it support 5MP primary  camera with VGA recording and LED flash.It runs on 2.3 Android but it can be rooted  to update it to ice cream sandwich.Its price in India is 8307 /- only.
It is powered by 800 MHz processor and it is powered by 350 MAh battery  that provides talk time of 11 hours .It support s 2G and 3G network .It comes with internal memory of  158 MB but expandable up to 32 GB  via SD card.
5.) Samsung Galaxy  Y Pro Duos

This smartphone comes with Qwerty keypad  and  it runs on Android v2.3.It support 3MP camera that support sensors .It price is 6500/- only.It has 832 MHz processor .It comes with 2.6 inch  TFT screen  that supports a WQVGA  resolution of  320 x 240 pixels.
It has 3MP primary camera that supports video recording,it has  also secondary camera of 0.3 Mp.It comes with 160 Mb internal memory that can be expandable up to 32 GB .It is powered by 1350 Mah  battery that provides 18 hours ofr talktime.It supports 2G and 3G networks.Its price in india is 8500/- only.
I just hope that the above list of Android Phones Below 100000 will definitely help you,but if by mistake i missed out any then please let me inform and share your thoughts and ideas with me.

How to Download Torrent on iPhone & Android Mobile?

Today we are going to provide to you tutorial on how to easily download Torrent on iPhone as well as Android.
Downloading torrents is the most common activity of and internet user these days. By torrents we can download software, games, videos, movies, songs and much more.
As torrents provides high speed download features so they are getting popularity increased day by day.
Now in the current era, everything is going mobile and the era of smartphones have provided features to users to do most of the task on their smartphone which they were doing earlier on their PC or laptop.
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[Tutorial] Download Torrent Files on iPhone & Android 

Here I’m with the tutorial on how to download torrent on iPhone & Android mobile.
First thing to tell you is that it is really possible to easily get torrent files on iPhone as well as Android Smartphone with the use of single application.
So I start with the iPhone first.
There are two methods by which you can download torrent files on your iPhone Mobile. First method doesn’t require jailbreaking your iPhone and neither any app.

First Method to Download Torrent on iPhone

  1. Start browser and then search for the torrent file which you want.
  2. Once you find the file then download the torrent link on your iPhone using the same browser.
  3. Now start zbigz.com from your iPhone browser. It will redirect you to the mobile site i.e. m.zbigz.com.
  4. Now upload the torrent link file you got earlier and click on Go button there.
  5. Once zbigz prepares your file then it will give you single link to get the torrent normally.
Using this method the downloading will become normal as you download any other file on your iPhone.
Second Method – Requires Jailbreaking

  1. Once you got your iPhone jailbreaked then install a tweak on your iPhone named iTransmission 2.0.
  2. Once the app gets installed then you can search for any torrent file and download it on your iPhone directly.
This app works as a torrent client but requires Jailbreaking of your iPhone which is not legal as per Apple’s terms and conditions.

Download Torrent on Android Mobile

Below I have given out full tutorial about the same, have a look.
Now if you own an Android mobile then here is the tutorial to download torrent on Android mobile.
Downloading torrents on Android mobile or smartphone is very easy as there are already some brand apps available at the GooglePlay store.
You can use uTorrent, BitTorrent, aTorrent, tTorrent, aDownloader or any other app.
As BitTorrent is the most popular so I start with the tutorial on how to download torrent on Android mobile with BitTorrent.

  1. Install the BitTorrent app on your Android mobile. You can search on the GooglePlay store to get to the app or use this official link.
  2. Install the app and then you need to start it.
  3. Now search for any torrent file and once you find that then click on download torrent link.
That’s it! The file will start downloading within the app.
This app comes with a great feature using which you can set that torrents will be downloaded on your Android mobile only if it’s on Wi-Fi network. If Wi-Fi isn’t available then it will not start using your cellular data plan. This will save you data cost from telecom company.
So folks, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to download torrent files on Android as well as iPhone and if you faced any type of issue then please do comment and let us know.

How to Install Android OS on PC or Computer (Windows, MAC, Linux)

Lots of people ask this question in forums on the internet that how to install Android OS on PC or computer whether it is Windows, MAC or Linux. I must say, having Android OS is only good in smartphones as it is developed truly for them (not for computers) but there is no harm in trying how Android feels like in a computer.
There are lots of methods discovered and developed till now using which Android OS installation can be done on PC or computer but still I prefer one old but very genuine method.

Install Android OS on PC via VirtualBox

I’m talking about software here which is the VirtualBox from Oracle.  This software allows installing of other operating system on a host OS without dealing into the actual booting. The software takes on the booting and all other things on its own and allows users to check on other OS without actually installing them.

If you’ve tried installing two OS on a single PC before then you’ve either did it with dual boot method or by VirtualBox and now hopefully our current problem can be solved by using VirtualBox only.
Yes, Android OS on PC or computer can be installed using VirtaulBox and this method is my favorite one because of its simplicity. I didn’t found any bugs in the method while trying Android OS on PC.
So you ready to install Android OS on PC or computer? I already mentioned that the method will work on all Windows, MAC and Linux OS.

Steps to Install Android OS on PC or Computer (Windows, MAC, Linux)

Follow these steps to start the installation of Android OS on PC. But before I must tell you that using this method you’ll be allowed to install Android 4.0.4 OS as only this OS is compatible right now. As soon as I found method to install Jelly Bean then I’ll definitely share it with you guys so stay tune to our blog.

  1. First download the VirtualBox on your computer. Download the version which is compatible with your PC’s OS. Once download is complete then install it. Don’t worry installation is very comfortable.
  2. Now go to the VMLite source to download Android 4.0.4 OS on your computer. It weighs about 88MB so make sure your PC has got good internet connection otherwise the download will take longer time.
  3. Once the Android OS is downloaded then extract the file downloaded and within the extracted folder you’ll find file named “Android-v4.vbox”, just double click on that now.
  4. Click on the Start button in the VirtualBox. Oh I forget to tell you that once you double click that file then it will open in VirtualBox. Click start to begin the installation.

That’s it! The process will finish soon depending upon the processing speed of your PC or computer.
Once the process is complete then you’re done installing Android OS on PC or computer.
I already told you that the method will work on Windows, Mac and Linux OS. So get on to your system now and enjoy Android OS on PC.

Temple Run Brave for Android Free Download

Temple Run Brave is an model of the very popular mobile phone. This specific activity possibly there is to help serves which you brand-new technique of taking part in Archery whilst operating. Today, we are going to post about download Temple Run Brave for your Android Mobile officially from Google Play Store.
Disclaimer : We don’t promote any type of APK file which is from unofficial source. Here we always follow Google Adsense Terms and Condition and so we have given link to the official website only and not to the unofficial APK file. But you can always search out in Google about that.
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This specific activity is far too developed by Disney as well as Imangi builders. Identical good sense involving taking part in Temple Run is here. You’ll want to operated with the unlimited way having sliding off the road, operating, bouncing as well as filming. Thus, persons be ready to check out the unlimited adventure.

(Review) Temple Run Brave Game for Android

Temple Run Brave seeks on collecting this coins and total as more distance since you can cover. Meanwhile, you’ll want to face numerous obstacles and lots of hurdles between your current running path.
It provides you with a sense to be an archer with its Archery mode. Here we have now enlisted its functions. Take a search!

Features  of Temple Run Brave Download):
  • Tap onto targets and for you to shoot a bullseye and also to collect more coins by using it
  • New environments involving Wilds Scotland for you to explore with horrible graphical looks
  • Enjoy as Merida via Disney/Pixar Brave
  • Completely new catchy visuals along with catchy looks
  • Easy Swipe and Tilt command while being operating
  • You can levels up your character and will use many different weapons
  • Endless running showing off your expertise.
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Download Temple Run (Brave) for Android

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Temple Run Brave will give you full entertainment. This game is often a paid game on Google play whereas it is possible to install it using it. Below will be the Temple Run: Brave which can be absolutely no cost. You can download it through the below link and install it on your system. Grab it currently.

So folks, I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any problem or issue then please do comment here. Also share this post on Google Plus as well as Facebook and stay updated with our blog.

Hike Messenger Download for Android, Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone

Today we are going to post about downloading Hike Messenger for Android, Symbian, Blackberry as well as iPhone and Windows phone.
Seeing the success of WhatsApp in the market, new software named- Hike Messenger was launched at the end of 2012. To promote itself, Hike App had used various schemes and one of my favorite schemes was that when it gave free recharge on registration to Hike Messenger. I received a recharge of Rs.50 on my mobile phone on just registering with it
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Things to Know before you Download Hike Messenger

“Hike Messenger” is brought you by Kavin Bharti Mittal, who is the son of Airtel’s co-owner. It was globally launched on 12-12-12, which was called ending day of world by people. But significantly this date becomes the starting date of journey of this awesome in the market. And you will be amazed to know that Hike App had touched bench marks.

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Features of Hike Messenger :

Below I have mentioned some of the features of Hike App which you need to know before downloading it.
  • A Good User Interface: It has a really cool interface. Hike messenger helps you to easily compose messages and send it to your friends at one click.
  • Group Chats Available: It allows you to create a group of friends and you can chat in that group so that your words may reach all your friends at one go. You need not worry to tell each your friend personally about the information.
  • Rewards: Hike has large collection off rewards for its customer. You can check it on their official blog.
  • Easy Messaging: You can send messages just like ‘full on SMS ways to SMS’.
  • Profile: You can make your profile too.
  • Large collection of Emoticons: It has huge and wonderful list of emoticons and they are quite interesting.
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Download Hike Messenger for Android, Symbian, etc Mobile

This app is readily available for all the operating systems like Android, Symbian, iOS, Blackberry and others. You can download it from official website.

If you want to download it for individual mobile phone then you can click on the below given links.
I hope you have now downloaded this awesome messaging application in your respective mobile phone

How to Install Hike Messenger on your Mobile

Its installation does not require any technical Knowledge. You just have to install it by clicking. Below are the steps to install this App on you mobile having Android, Blackberry, iOS or Symbian operating system.
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  • Download Hike Messenger from the download links mentioned above.
  • Once it is downloaded, it will get installed automatically.
  • You need to enter your mobile number when asked.
  • After it you should fill your correct details.
  • Now, you will receive a code on the mobile number that you have registered.
  • You should enter this code when asked.
  • The Hike Messenger is now installed and now you can start chatting with your friends.

Hike v/s WhatsApp Messenger

You will now want to know which application is better. WhatsApp has its own features, but Hike Messenger has taken over all the features of WhatsApp providing some more features. I suggest you that if you are Indian then you should go with Indian Product.

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So folks, I hope you liked this post about downloading Hike Messenger for Android, Symbian, iPhone, Blackberry, etc Smartphone and if you faced any issue then please do comment and let us know about it.

Download Android Apps & Games from Google Play Store to PC [How to]

Here is another post on how to easily download Android Apps and Games (APK) from Google Play Store to PC or Computer. We have provided a simple and easy to follow tutorial about it.
Android’s popularity is not going to end as it’s a Google product and Google knows how to use its product and make them useful for users. From the very first day it came on to the mobile phone system, it helped people to stay connected to internet very well than any other mobile phone and also it helped users to do all mobile phone related task and that too very comfortably.
As Google holds thousands of apps & games so people look for some crazy experiments. One of them is download Android apps & games from Google Play store to PC and use them. If you too want to do that then I’m here with the perfect and simplest guide.
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Well, doing this thing is not simple but I’ll make sure that I write it in simplest possible step by step tutorial here. But let me tell you what is the benefit of doing Android apps & games download from Google Play store to PC.

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Benefit of downloading Android Apps & Games to PC from Google Play Store

The main benefit is that you can keep the downloaded app & games on pc with you for life time or up to your wish and you can install them on any Android smartphone you want to.
You don’t have to download apps & games from Google Play store again and again on each device as you already have them on your PC and you need to just simply transfer them to the other devices.

I think this single benefit is good enough to convince you to download Android apps & games from Google Play store to PC.
So next thing you need is the guide on how to download Android apps & games from Google Play store to PC. Here I start with the tutorial. This tutorial will work only with the free apps and games, so keep this thing noted before.
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How to download Android apps & games from Google Play store to PC [Guide]

Please follow each and every step which is described below and don’t skip any part of it.

  1. Download the Real APK Leecher on your PC. The tool is available for free.
  2. Extract the downloaded folder and click on the installation file named APK Downloader.
  3. Now you need to register for using the software on your PC. Don’t worry it’s just a normal registration.
  4. Now the tool will start on your Windows PC.
  5. Enter the name of the app & game that you want to download on your PC and search for that.
  6. You will find list of available apps on the Google Play store now right click on any app you want to download and select the option with label ‘Download this app’.
  7. The apk file of the app or game your downloaded will start downloading and it will take some time depending on your internet connection and file size.
That’s it! Now you’ve downloaded Android apps & games from Google Play store to PC, so enjoy.
If you find any problem then comment it down and I’ll solve it asap. Please share this post on Facebook and other social media websites.

UC Browser 9.2 APK for Android Download

Hey guys there are lots of browser available for Android but still UC browser has got its presence with its superior features. I’m going to provide you today the UC browser 9.2 APK for Android download so that you can get it downloaded on your computer and then install later on your smartphone.
You must be knowing a lot of things about UC browser which is the reason you’re searching for its APK file and now looking to download it. Still I’m going to share few facts and features of this version of UC browser 9.2 down here. If you’re already aware of these facts and feature then you can skip this part and go down directly to the download section.
UC Browser 9.2 APK for Android Download
But if you’re not aware of the facts and features then you must know them. Knowing these features will help you to use this free web browsing app in better way.

Facts and Features of UC Browser 9.2 APK for Android

Here I start with the facts and features of UC browser 9.2 for Android.
One thing I like most about this web browsing app is that it’s available for mobile devices like mobile phones, smartphones and tablets and it works best on them. The code of this web browsing app is written so well that it’s optimized completely for mobile devices.
Earlier web browsers supported only single tab browsing which means users have to open new web pages in different web browsers but later multiple tab browsing technology arrived which allowed users to access lots of web pages right in a single window. The same feature is provided on your Android smartphone or tablet via UC Browser. The default Android web browser also offer this feature but UC browser has got lots of other benefits which are not there in the default Android one.
Features of UC Browser 9.2 APK for Android
Next best thing about this browser is that it don’t cost too much on the processor and utilizes very less resources of the computing cheap of your mobile device. This will not just save CPU resources but will also save battery life on the other hand. So, using UC browser can help your device to run longer than before.
The thing which I like most is the user interface or UI of this web browser. The UI is extremely simple which makes browser very easy to use. Having simple UI also increase the user experience and it’s the most required thing for any application to get successful.
You can save your favorite websites as bookmarks and all of your browsing history will be saved automatically on your UC browser unless you delete it.
It uses very less data while opening web pages which means your data volume will work for longer than before. In other way it can be said as UC browser uses very less data bandwidth.

UC Browser 9.2 APK for Android Download

UC Browser 9.2 APK
Now since you know the facts and features of the UC browser 9.2 so you can use all of its features to increase your browsing experience on Android. Using this APK file you can download it on your computer and then transfer it on your smartphone to install it.

Download UC Browser 9.2 APK free

So this was the story of UC Browser. Hope you enjoy your all new browsing experience with it.